• Multi-Purpose Modular Buildings, GRP (Cabins)

Multi-Purpose Modular Buildings, GRP (Cabins)

  1. GRP Portable Cabins made of Glass Reinforced polymers
  2. Strong panels assembled to form the required Structure. 
  3. Assembled or dismantled easily by adding or removing panels as required.
  4. Used as security cabins, offices, store rooms Etc.


  1.  With OR Without Non Skid Floor.
  2.  With Insulated Panels & Roof  ( 25mm & 50mm Thick   Insulation).
  3.  With Wash Room / Wash Room & Pantry / Two wash Rooms

Available Size:Height: 2.3 MT X Width: 2.15 – 3.0 MT, Length: As per client requirements
  • Electrical Transformer Cabins

Electrical Transformer Cabins

Made according to  Internation or National Specifications
Panel Frames, Door Shutters adn roof are made of Fiber Glass reinforced Plastic (GRP)
with Min Wall Thickness 8mm Pannels and 10mm thick flanges
All Panels are properly sealed to prevent any light passing through any joints
Roof overhand on walls by a least 150mm with Suitable slope to prevent accumulation of rain water
External finish gel coat for protection against climate conditions
Maintenance Free
Difference Sizes made according to customer requirments 

  • Mobile Toilets

Mobile Toilets

Length 1.0 - 1.2 mt, Width 1.0- 1.2mt, Height 2.3, 2.5, & 2.8 mt

Available Faclities:-

Arabic WC or European WC
Flush Tank
Hand Shower & Bib Tap, Wash Basin With Tap
Overhead water tank & Septic Tank (capacity 90 gallons)