Al Khotoot Al Amna Engineering Services

Al Khotoot Al Amna Company is a member of Al Hilal Industrial Group. It Is one of the leading companies in the electrical engineering & contracting sector in the sultanate of Oman. It is primarily specializing in the electrical power distribution and aligned mechanical, civil works and all services related to Energy & Power Industries. Al khotoot Al Amna is one of the leading ‘Excellent Grade” registered contractors and an excellent Partner, whose strength, beside Technology, lies in the efficiency, the optimizations of design and services that can be guaranteed by its talented team and highly experienced personnel.

Al Khotoot Al Amna can safely and surely say that it has the adequate expertise, financial means, as well as the right assets to autonomously and manage large projects without additional cost for the costumer. This has further improved after the Merge in the Al Hilal Industrial Group in 2018. 

Al Khotoot Al Amna has a lean and efficient structure with well managed fixed cost which allows a high quality and an excellent service to the best possible quality & price ratio.

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Strive to be the trusted electrical services provider in Sultanate of Oman & GCC countries, through a process of continuous improvement. We will aim to become one of the top five contracting leaders within Electrical & Energy Sector.


Guided by our core values we will constantly strive to implement the critical initiatives and be committed to provide safe, excellent engineering and construction services to our customers and meet their Satisfaction. 


To delight our customers we are committed to the implementation of our high quality and thus become one of the leading companies in the field of Trading & Contracting in the sultanate of Oman

This is achieved through:

  • Professional workers trained, self-motivated and satisfied.
  • Work to preserve the environment and workers health and safety during the work, on the road and back home.
  • We monitor, measure, analyze, evaluate the operations and performance for continuous improvement by taking necessary corrective and preventive actions.
  • Create a partnership with local and international highly qualified suppliers.
  • Act in accordance with the procedures and work instructions approved to match the requirements of the Quality Management System ISO: 9001:2008.                                                                                        
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