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Our UPVC windows and doors started operations in 2012. It offers a long life lasting value and a high level of functional reliability and user comfort.

What is UPVC?

PVC is poly vinyl chloride. With a ‘U’ in front, it is unplasticised, so that it is rigid for strong window frames. When necessary, it may be reinforced with metal for hardware attachments.

It is a relatively simple plastic, consisting of 57% ordinary salt (sodium chloride, the source of the C in PVC). About 40% is ethylene, which is separated from fuel products during refining. Other additives include stabilisers and colouring. Ethylene is also found naturally in plants, leading to the prospect of renewable supply through bio-fuels.

Production is subjected to rigorous and numerous tests resulting in products characterized by the following features:

  • Corner Weld Durability Test:

Every corner must have 580-800 Kg durability (according to TSE 5358 Test No 24229)

  • Air Leakage Durability Test:

To insure that our products have excellent air isolation, it is tested according to the DIN standards No 18055; up to 600 KPa air isolation.

  • Water Leakage Durability Test:

Products are tested according to the DIN EN 86 norm, for 31 min/m under Heavy pressure and should not show any leakage at 150 Pa-600 Pa.

  • Air Pressure Bending Measure:

Windows are tested according to the DIN EN 77 for air pressure bending (for both single and double glass) under 1200 Pa pressure. The resulting bending should be less than 5%.

  • Temperature insulation Test:

Our products have been successful in reducing the temperature indoors to 45% compared to outdoors temperature. They offer a heat conductivity of 2.049( W/m.K)

  • Sound insulation:

With its double glass system, our windows offer a 65-decibel sound insulation from your homes.

Environmental benefits of UPVC window frames

UPVC windows remain in perfect condition, even after being directly exposed to the sun, wind and rain for decades.  Compared to Timber and Aluminum windows, they do not involve cutting down trees or consumes enormous amount of energy in production.  UPVC gives low embodied energy, no repainting, high insulation, and long life.

UPVC window frames are superior insulators specifically designed and beautifully matched to double-glazing.  Starting from the day you move in, your UPVC windows will conserve precious energy, reduce greenhouse gas production, and save you money.  In the developed world, UPVC is the most widely used residential window framing material, holding over 80% of the residential window market in the UK and over 60% in the USA.

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