Al Hilal Fiber & Acrylic Industry LLC

Al Hilal Fiber & Acrylic Industry LLC is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers specialized in producing fiberglass & Acrylic finished products in the Sultanate of Oman.  The company was established in 1994 in Ibra to produce fiberglass products. In 1999, they moved to a modern production facility for fiberglass (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic- GRP) products in Mabellah Industrial Area.  Since 2002, the company have expanded production line to include a new Acrylic plant adding an even wider range of elegant sanitary wares and bathroom items. Therefore, we can provide the ultimate bathing experience to more customers to enjoy.  Our rich Acrylic finishes are long lasting and very easy to clean. Everything we do is to ensure reliable performance and design to set up to standards of luxury bathing.

Al Hilal Fiber & Acrylic Industry manufactures bathtubs and shower trays from high quality acrylic sheets, which are designed exclusively for sanitary ware and meet the international standards.  These sheets are highly resistant to the water at quick and suddenly fluctuating temperature that causes cracks and discoloration in the ordinary acrylic sheets. Our bathtubs and shower trays are tested in the extreme temperature to maintain perfect results.  In addition, a complete range of Jacuzzi system fitted with high quality whirlpool and air pool systems is also available with our range of products. We provide an option of whirlpool jet and air pool jet systems in all of our range of bathtubs. Furthermore, our company is prominent name in the field of Fiber Glass (GRP) water tanks, and other various products made of fiberglass, such as architectural domes, mobile cabinets, and toilets, car sheds, pergolas, and other (GRP) products.  Since we started operations in our modern production plant, our name has become synonymous with quality, innovation, and style in various GRP products and acrylic sanitary wares industry. As a result, the company has received ISO 9001 certificate to confirm the quality of our products. Through more than two decades of production experience, we pay great attention in maintaining the high quality standards. In every production process, care is given to the selection of the finest qualities of raw materials. Likewise, the supervision of the production by workers with special training, the use of cutting-edge tools and testing equipment and advanced control strictly in accordance with ISO certification, is provided.  Our advanced quality management system ensures to have the best quality products to our customers. Now, the main products of the company include nine production line. Each is produced at various designs, sizes, and colors to meet various costumer demands and taste, and to ensure maximum satisfaction; this raises the total number of varieties to hundreds of different products to meet every customer wishes and requirements.


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